Masculine Interior Design

A careless streak that extends from the sports posters on the dark walls to the ripped-up ancient leather couch inside a man-cave, or across the minimalist and ultramodern gallery-like interior space with bare windows and chrome light fixtures, underlines the essence of Masculine Interiors.

The role of an interior designer provides a promising plot of turning the dragging masculine interior into one that exudes class, sophistication, versatility, all the while making it warm and understated. It is high time that a typical masculine interior successfully conveys the refined taste of its occupant while imbibing the liveliness of living quarters.

The two instrumental concepts that decide the feminine and masculine nature of objects are their shape and weight. The feminine objects naturally showcase delicate curves and are lightweight. On the other hand, masculine objects appear to be sturdier and heavier, with straight lines and square corners. Thus one can safely pick bulky sturdy geometric furniture and accessories for this interior.

An element of interest in the form of varieties can be included by opting for hard items like a rectangular wooden cocktail table and placing it adjacent to a padded arm chair with boxy contours.

Since pastel, shimmery and bright colours are undoubtedly feminine, select dark hues and tones, along with shades of grey for a dramatic, undisputed masculine feel. Some effective colours are Black, Red, Dark green, browns and metallic tones. However, one can also opt for a combination of white, beige and blue to enforce male characteristic of the interior without appearing too oppressive.