Modern Home Architecture

A term synonymous with the concept of Modernism is, Simplicity. When it is utilized in design and applied in construction and other interior elements, the resulting structure is Modern in nature.

Modern architecture is based on abstract, simple, plain, geometric forms, linear elements and rectangular shapes. Talking of rectangles, this shape takes the form of enclosed space within a modern abode, enclosed within walls that are essentially flat and may or may not be transparent. Back at the time of its introduction, glass and steel were some of the new building materials, owning to the industrial revolution and its mass economic appeal. Hence, till date, Modern structures incorporate a few of these at regular frequencies.

The governing philosophy of Modernism is the ideology that form follows function. Modern architecture finishes on notes of simplicity and cleanliness. In general practice, a combination of wood, glass and steel can be observed in Modern buildings- ensuring the stability and strength, maintaining the modernism philosophy and providing interesting visual detailing, particularly the transparent flow between spaces. A Modern building tends to do away completely with ostentatious designs.