Shipping-container micro homes with green roofs planned for UK

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Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects has obtained planning permission for a development of micro homes made from shipping containers with green roofs in Aylesbury, England. Gatehouse Road is a low-cost housing scheme that is part of a series of regeneration plans for underused sites owned by the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust. Currently the site is occupied by garages.

Architects Propose to Repurpose Decommissioned Industrial Tanks on Brooklyn’s Waterfront

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In New York, activists and professionals have been working for many years to try to save 10 decommissioned tanks, from demolition by putting forward alternative usage of these structures. Partnering with STUDIO V, an architectural firm and landscape architects Ken Smith Workshop, they came up with an inventive proposal that reimagines these industrial relics as a

The Open Gateway to Eternal Knowledge

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Mr. Darvish Kareem Mohammed, the chief architect behind the construction of the main entrance gate ‘Bawaba Jamia Al-Markaz’ which means ‘The gathering gate of Markaz’, envisaged a proposal ideal for the knowledge city. Architectural brilliance and creative use of the symbols, marks out the gate of Jamia Markaz and makes