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January 8, 2020
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Our residences, or homes, often take a significant part of our income. Often, our dream homes ignore our realistic budgets and take the shape of magnificent castles with oodles of comfort! But, with increasing population and decreasing spaces, construction field is on a quest to find practical solutions. Not only should a home meet the basic needs, but it should also improve the owner’s quality of life. And it is here that sustainable residential architecture is making its mark.

Sustainable Residential Architecture Means?

In simple language, it means reducing negative impact on nature while striving to achieve positive effects. To begin with, sustainable construction means reducing carbon content in every way possible. Also, there is a focus on making the maintenance aspect particularly environmentally- friendly in its future. When we try to follow this philosophy in construction, what we have is, Sustainable Residential Architecture.

Now, what are the benefits of following sustainability in construction field? To count a few,

  1. It promotes recycling.
  2. It seeks renewable sources of energy.
  3. A sustainable structure utilizes reclaimed products.
  4. By and large, these structures are energy- efficient.
  5. It is quite economic in terms of time and money.
  6. It reduces carbon footprints considerably.

When you opt for sustainable residential architecture, you actually opt to reduce negative impact on the environment by means of your home. Eventually, you may also find yourself seeking sustainable building services and energy sources.

Does it affect aesthetics and quality?

The only thing that sustainability affects is, environment, and that too, in a good way. While aesthetics is an interior designer’s domain, quality is the end result of the overall input.

You should know that there are many sustainable homes that do not need electricity connection for years together. Even the need of water ceases to exist in certain sustainable residences- all due to proper planning. And with zero electricity bills, zero water bills and zero pollution, isn’t that a good deal?

In fact, there are many architects and designers who are sensitive to the global crises our planet faces today. Hence, through their sensible designing, they are establishing sustainability everywhere. And you may be actually surprised how good the interiors look in spite of being waste- conscious.

Also, you contribute by indulging in up-cycled and recycled products. Be it construction materials or be it interior elements, sustainable residential architecture opts for pro-nature products. 

And to top it all, you save a lot of money! With reclaimed building components, all you need to do is the finishing job. Since most of these constructions are prefabricated units, you also save a huge deal of time as well. In fact, there are firms that build around 5-15 residential units per day! Also, while the traditional house building techniques continue to grow expensive, this one is quite economic, surprisingly easy on your pocket.

With sustainable residential architecture, of course, you opt for long- term savings, quality life and expense-free living. But above all, you opt for a nature- friendly structure that refines your way of life.

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