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November 20, 2020
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November 18, 2020
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Design Philosophy: The practice of architecture emphasizes spatial relationships, the support of activities to be carried out within a designed environment, and the arragement and visual rhythm of structural elements, as opposed to the design of structural systems themselves. Appropriateness, uniqueness, a sensitive and innovative response to functional requirements, and a sense of place within its surrounding physical, and social context distinguish a built environment as representative of a culture’s architecture.

Hospitals are complex structures to say the least. A concise combination of form and function of societal needs and culturalnuance. While designing Corniche healthcare, functionality of the hospital remains at the forefront of the design process. The layout can affect life and death circumstances of a patient because time is often a critical factor in the patient’s care. The design of the physical environment reduces hospital-acquired infections.

The exterior view resembles that of a spa or clinic. Simplicity in design is the main attraction of a hospital, which spread over an area of 7000 square feet in two oors. The designer succeeded in the selection of colours and lights that help to create a healing environment.

Interior is enlightened with the beautiful combination of cream and light green shades. The meticulously selected colour pattern along with the warm illumination gives a cool view to the hospital interior. This pattern is also followed in sign boards and wall displays.

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Corniche Healthcare




7500 sq.ft


Medical Clinic


Nedumbassery, Opp. Kochin Airport, Kerala, India