Urban Interior Design

When the ideas of Contemporary Design borrow influencing nuances from industrial design, it results in bohemian yet modern look, often referred to as urban design.

The exposed beams, walls, columns, concrete floorings and other structural components are fused with the sleek, slimmed down aesthetic features of contemporary design. The furnishings are devoid of ornamentations yet modular units can be seen. As in industrial architecture, the exposed elements impart a warehouse feel, but the modernised aesthetics provide an upper end finish. The storages exhibit clever concepts and built-ins are highly preferred. One can easily observe the functionality and practicality in the interiors by the well crafted use of every available unit of space. Small storages that are often concealed are a big relief to the spatially restricted urban interiors; these emerge as creative solutions that ensure organised and uncluttered home.

Urban style, within itself, encompasses a variety ranging from bare essential, random and utilitarian to signifying and cosmopolitan. The eclecticism in interiors is brought about by the random application of unexpected materials in such as galvanized steel in structural components. As mentioned previously, the smaller spaces in urban settings are often encountered by providing mirrors and glasses, that aid in creating an illusion of bigger space. Another clever designing is evident in the use of vertical spaces for storage in the form of shelves or cabinets so that clutter at the ground level is minimised. Provision of multifunctional rooms in urban interiors, are key to providing open floor plans that allow free flowing unobstructed passages.

The industrial interiors impart another useful element- a neutral colour palette- to these interiors. However, the difference is in their application. These are often combined or contrasted with brilliant pops of colours that provide a dynamic outlook while adding life to the interiors. Often, due to the pepped up colour schemes, certain parts of an urban interior look like decked up art works in themselves! The urban attitude of moving forward in spite of challenges is exhibited in the smooth functioning interiors in spite of space restrictions. However, as is with every style, there might be some who may not find this style appealing. Families having small children may find the materials incorporated rather unsafe. The every inch utility concept may shrink the void spaces that may deem the interior unfit by some. At the same time, the very point may attract certain others to this style. The preferences are purely subjective.

A bit minimalistic, a hint of eclecticism, a note of industrial interiors, some elements of contemporary and enlarged flashes of modernism emerges together as a slightly bohemian style that is urban interior. These very factors ensure that the design possibilities in such a style remain highly diverse and limitless. No matter how small a space is, urban interiors extract the best possible use and the end result is a mesmerizing interior.