Architectural Designs Of Houses: The Many Options

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We all have that one dream house in our check list,don’t we? And when we start planning it, the first thing that we do is browsing through the many architectural designs of houses. And why not? After all,we are taking about investing our hard-earned money into it!

If you happen to casually go through any design or architecture magazine, you may stop to glance at one or two images. These may be similar to what you have in your mind for your own house. But then, you will find it happening frequently- all sorts of houses attracting you!

Here, you have the big task of finalizing what exactly you want your house to look like. And for that to happen, you definitely need to know the different architectural designs of houses. Also, you need to keep in mind that it is not only about the aesthetics, but also about climate and demography.

Architectural designs of Houses : Common types in India

We all know how the weather patterns and climate vary across the length and breadth of our country. So it is natural to have local variations in architecture and design of houses. What makes the whole concept interesting is, architects and designers keep innovating with all these, at times, bringing in significant developments.

Some common architectural designs of houses in India are:

  • Vernacular Design: Ever noticed how bamboo houses are common in the north-eastern and hilly regions? Or how thick mud houses dot desert landscapes of Western India? These are the traditional architectural designs. Although 90% of Indian structures are designed in vernacular manner, it is only now that architects and designers have started acknowledging its significance.
  • Modern Design: Pristine structures with crisp sharp lines frames, devoid of excess in any form. Yes, that is how a typical modern structure looks like. Apart from an interesting use of glass, you may spot metal and leather. These structures are often quite spacious and tend to do away with details and opulence.
  • Traditional Design : People often confuse traditional style with vernacular style. Even though it is quite acceptable to interchange the terms, however, this design has its roots in 18th and 19th century European design. This style is rich inside out- be it the structure, furniture details or warm, rich color tones.
  • Contemporary Design : Among all architectural designs of houses, this one is quite dynamic! Any architecture style can be contemporary- if it is trending or popular. Hence, this concept never fixates on just one style. rather, contemporary designs keep changing their definitions from time to time.
  • Mughal Architectural Design : When Mughals decided to implement Islamic architecture, they thoughtfully built in involving the prevalent Hindu and vernacular styles of construction. The results? One can see some striking pieces across India!

How do I decide what I want?

Of course, there are many other architectural designs of houses in India that people opt for. Ultimately, it all comes down to your location, plot size, requirements and budget. And with the help of a professional, the route to your dream house becomes a cakewalk!

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