Markaz Knowledge City: A Treasure In The Making

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The Markaz Knowledge City is one of the most ambitious projects ever seen on the Indian subcontinent. And with its many segments coming together as one, it is no surprise that the project budget touches approximately ₹1000 crore.

Though the then- president of Samastha Kerala Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama laid the foundation stone in December 2012, thanks to its gigantic scale, the status of the project currently is ‘Work in Progress’. Ever since the Markaz conceived the concept of Markaz Knowledge city, there have been some exquisite extensions to its preliminary design. After all,many acres of land are going to inherit this enormous vision of multiple opportunities under one roof. And that calls for a foolproof design and architecture!

If you look closely at the design details, there are multiple influences from a number of architectural styles. But then, astonishingly, the whole city stays in sync within and each segment complements another. And may be that is why it never fails to please aesthetically.

Markaz Knowledge City: The many highlights rolled in One

When you are talking about a structure that is set to feature India’s largest steel structure dome, you know that you simply cannot ignore its arrival.

Since the structure is developing on the sensitive terrains of Western Ghats, it makes sense to opt for suitable materials. Not only will it feature some of the most beautiful landscapes, but the designs will also be multicultural. At the core of this city, sits the Cultural Center. One look and you know what the reddish hues of the building describe- energy efficiency by the means of using such materials as building elements.

With clever planning, abundant daylight and natural ventilation enriches the cultural center. Moreover, more than one lac square feet of water surrounds the center. This in turn, cools the air drafts that flow through the structure.

If you talk about its design, the traces of French and Persian architecture are evident. In fact, many striking features, such as Holy Quran quotes and beautiful calligraphy, adorn the walls.

The cultural center basement itself spreads over 5 acres and has around 150 shops. And the library has a huge learning space- around 42000 square feet! Not only that, the center also collaborates with seven International universities- which means, unlimited opportunities.

The Cultural Center within the City

It is going to be exciting to see a green roof over the ground floor roof of the cultural center. Well, a green roof not only reduces the internal temperature, but it also becomes home to a lot of biodiversity in flora and fauna. In fact, the rooftop garden extends itself for more than 72000 square feet! And in Markaz Knowledge City, the Cultural center is going to be quite fascinating with such a prized addition!

The Ottoman mosque architecture style remains a breathtaking form to this date. And that is why the cultural center dome gets its influences right from there itself. At a height of 40 meters, this dome is going to be a major aesthetic statement. So, it better be mesmerizing!

Mr. Omman Chandy, the ex- chief minister of Kerala, launched the master plan of this great venture way back in 2013. This project is all set to make eyes turn, all thanks to its scale! With a prime location on Kozhikode- Wayanad highway, it is set to be a major attraction spot in god’s Own country! About 80% of the project work is complete and it is all set to be open to the public by late 2020.

If we talk about Markaz Knowledge City, then it contains a hotel, a convention center and an IT Park. Well, the whole city contains many zones. The main zones are Sharia City, Academic City, Commercial city, healthcare city and Residential Enclave. A plan view of the total city suggests direct inspiration from the city of Baghdad.

The Knowledge City from the Inside

The educational sector includes many institutions inside the Markaz knowledge City premises. Some of these are the Markaz Law College, which affiliates to University of calicut and is recognized by the Bar Council of India. Several institutions including Institute of technology and School of Business Management, are in the campus. Also, there are many schools in city as well, such as the Markaz International School, Markaz Special School and Alif Global School.

Since it is located on the national highway, talking about the transport connections to the location becomes necessary. For such a landmark project, it is as important to be easily accessible as important is its make. Interestingly, all its four directions connect to four different cities. While on the west it connects to Kozhikode city, but on the east, it goes through Thamarassery town. If you try travelling from its north side, you reach mangalore, then Goa and then Mumbai. Try navigating through the southern side, you reach Kochi and then Trivandrum. Basically, it is easily accessible through all its four directions.

The Sub Hubs within the City

The shopping mall inside Markaz Knowledge City takes its inspiration from Arabian Shopping Souk Concept. And that is why you see more than 140 showrooms, all dazzling with perfect design aesthetics. Of course, the souk experience is sure to give you a street- hopping feel through Moroccan and Egyptian lanes!

When you walk through Sharia City, you find a delicate blend of the traditional with the modern. Well, the concept of smart campus comes alive in that part of the city. Hence, what you get is the ultimate combination of technology and tradition going hand in hand.

If you happen to visit the Markaz Super specialty hospital, you cannot help but appreciate the latest healthcare gadgets and systems in a 100-bedded hospital. Add to it, well- equipped Operation Suites, Trauma Center and Labor Room.

The base concept of this city is that of an International Integrated Township. Everything reflects utmost quality, careful planning and great deal of care while implementing them. With the motto of Learn, Work, Live and Leisure, the city ensures that each corner reflects its principles to the dot.

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